Roofing damage leaves you quite open to exposure. As a matter of fact, you may face very expensive repairs if leaks cause mold and water damage. Checking for further problems and maintaining your roof will definitely help you prevent any trouble.  

With that being said, you can also safely inspect a few other things all by yourself from where you are standing. Most roof issues are best handled bprofessional and experienced roofing service providers. The following are some of the tips on how to check your roofing system and when to hire a professional roofing contractor: 

What to look for during your roofing inspection? 

You should check for any of the following problems safely from where you at with the use of the binoculars. 

  1. Missing or Lifting Shingles

Poor insulation might have resulted to ice damming and then, shingles dropping, or it may also mean that your roofing comes to an end at any given time. Therefore, it is already time to call a professional and experienced roofing contractor. 

  1. Flashing Problems

Check all the portions near the chimney and the roof valleys – anywhere your roofing meets a vertical structure. In addition to that, watch out for anything not normal, and that includes missing, bent or damaged flashing. Repairing it needs being on your roof, therefore, you should bring a roofing expert on the area. 

  1. Damaged Drip Edge

It is a metal flashing which hangs under your roofing eaves in order to protect the fascia boards. If it is missing or damaged, rainwater can eventually get in, causing minor to serious water damages. It can be repaired by using a DIY approach however, it is not a terrible idea either to have a roofing expert handle the problem for you, make a diagnosis and go over with possible solutions. 

  1. Piles of Granules

Over time, asphalt shingles shed gently however, if the granules are accumulating or blocking in your guttering system or on the ground, then it is really time to hire a professional. 

  1. Exposed or Missing Fasteners

If fasteners or nails are gone, underlayment or shingles could be loose, that means that your roof may be ripe for the water damage. 

  1. Rotten Wood

From the top floor or the attic, look at the roof’s underside for any leaks, loose fasteners or nails, exposed areas, or rotted wood. Hire a professional and highly reputable roofing service provider such as roofers Brandon MS if you know any one of those problems.  

When to Hire a Professional? 

A licensed and certified roofing expert should perform the following inspections. A professional roofing company basically has experienced and skillful technicians and diagnosticians who can be very helpful with these portions: 

Damaged underlayment – It is usually a synthetic or felt material under the shingles and over the sheathing. 

Damaged sheathing – It is usually made of a plywood and sheathing is where the shingles are being attached to. 

Improperly laid strip starter – Along the roof edge, this row of shingles is two rows and requires to be installed properly.