Genital Hygiene

Just how important is genital hygiene? The importance of genital hygiene is far greater than you think. It is important that you keep your genital area clean at all times. It’s better said than done, some people are very familiar with many different cleaning methods as it may be part of their daily routine, but I hate to tell you that there are people who simply don’t care or don’t want to do it because they are either lazy or find it time-consuming.

Reasons why you should be clean at all times

Genital hygiene should be a crucial part of everyone’s life. Maintaining it provide a huge benefit for people who are sexually active, if they are going through their teenage and adult years.


The first and most obvious reason are that people don’t smell if they have recently cleaned , which reduces the chances of getting a potential mate or even just a friend. The second reason is that both men and women need it. Studies have found that an unhygienic male or female have far less chance of reproducing. This is because the bacteria can develop over time from not so harmful to deadly and is more than likely to spread across the whole genital area in a matter of days or even hours. The third reason is that you may lose your organ. Yes, that’s right; in the past, some people have lost theirs because they simply did not care about keeping their sex organ safe. The bacteria or germs can spread to the point that it causes extreme pain and in rare cases, they are not easily cured.

STIs are sexually transmitted infections. Now you may be thinking that STIs shouldn’t be related to this topic. Well, if you have protected sex or have a regular check for STIs you should be safe. I am sorry to tell you that you’re simply just wrong. If you have protected sex you are very unlikely to catch any STIs through direct sex but if you don’t have direct sex you may be exposed to having some kind of sexual organ to organ contact and if you do, and you are unhygienic then there is a possible that the germs lead to triggering infection within you. Of course, it is not direct sex so the chances are almost none, but there is a very small possibility if unhygienic.

Above are just some of the few reasons why you should clean your genitals.

A simple cleaning method to keep you safe

hgdhd874There are many methods of doing this, but the easiest one is to wash your genitals with antibacterial soap. Also remember to wear breathable under clothing. You can also check out if you want to whiten the skin surrounding your anus and vagina.