Getting tint is an added safety on the road because you can never be much safer without any added protection. When choosing the type of tint for your vehicle, it is best to weigh out all your options because you will be stuck with that tint for quite some time and it is also not cheap to get tint for your car. Car tint is an essential accessory to add to your vehicle. It is not needed, but it will surely give you an added boost of protection from the sun. 

It will not allow the sun to penetrate the car with heat even if you park it under the sun or rather not enable the heat to enter as much as it would to a car without tint. It also gives you an added boost of privacy in the car because people will not be able to see you from the outside. This would be helpful to fend off possible snatchers and thieves because they would not be able to see the inside.  

Although many types of tint could be applied to your car, here are some of the types of shade that may be applied to your vehicle. The first type of tint is the dyed window tint. This type of shade will be able to block at least five percent of sunlight and at most fifty percent of sunlight from entering the vehicle. This is a type of tint gives one of the darkest effects amongst the types of tints. It also does not block the radio waves, so your antenna will not be affected. It also blocks glares and unwanted lights that may distract the driver or momentarily blind the passengers.  

It is also one of the most cost-effective types of tint. However, if it is installed incorrectly, it could create bubble effects on the window. Also, overtime the sun breaks down the layers and will cause the tint to separate from each other. Metal like window tint is also another type of tint that can be applied on to your car. This consists of many layers which have a base layer of adhesive bonds attached to the window of the car.  

It is then followed up with a layer to block ultraviolet radiation which is then covered by a metalized layer used to block out heat from entering the vehicle and darkens the window. It also adds a layer to prevent scratches and nicks. This type of tint is great at blocking UV rays and will last longer than most tints. It is extremely durable and efficiently prevents glare.  

On the other hand, it may interfere with radio waves and block out cell phone signal inside the car. It is also not as aesthetically pleasing due to the effect of the metal which produces a shiny effect. There are still lots of available window film in the market so it’s best that you choose one that really fits your car. If you want to know more about car window tinting, make sure to visit